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  • March

    It is pisces season, a contemplative yet celebratory time of year.

  • February

    This month we want to feel inspired.

  • Dec

    DECEMBER 2020 New Moon = December 14th | Full Moon = December 30th Resources Eight-Mile Wall of Prehistoric Paintings Eight-mile ...
  • Nov

    NOVEMBER 2020 New Moon = November 15th | Full Moon = November 30th Music Videos FKA Twigs "Cellophane" "Musician, dancer and vis...
  • Oct

    OCTOBER 2020 New Moon = October 16th | Full Moon = October 31st Books The Creation of Patriarchy "A major work by a leading hist...
  • January

    January is all about ease.

  • December

    The theme this month is reflection. The better we do in winter, the better we do the rest of the year. Both seeds and animals hibernate and go dormant.

  • November

    This month we are focusing on continuity. We think of this as the time for self-consistency.

  • October

    As the first few weeks of Fall settle in, we are now preparing for winter & the upcoming holidays.

  • September

    September carries the energy of transition & exploration. It is a studious time. A time of choice & how to move around in the world.

  • August

    August is the eigth month of the year. To us,the number eight is signficant for many personal reasons and also for its relationship to infinity & all that continues on & on.

  • July

    Independence is subjective. This month we explore ways we remain free & ways we remain tied up emotionally, mentally & physically.