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New Moon = January 2nd | Full Moon = January 31st

January is all about ease. The holiday rush has come to an end, emotions are hopefully settling & now is the time to set your sights on what you want to create in 2022. Whatever you do or don’t do, try to seek ease. Whether you are pushing the button for an elevator or holding the steering wheel, pay attention to your grip. It’s likely you can slightly let go, push with less effort. Ease, please!



We love & appreciate Alison's voice because it is so authentically her own. Reading her writing is like having a conversation with her. We especially love her response to this question: What do you love about yourself? "I love that I think things are funny even when they’re not. I love that I get to live out my best life in my underwear. Like, all day long."

Carl Auboeck

Carl Auboeck came from an established family in Vienna. Known for their authority as the bronze workshop in Austria, they were prolific in their output & designs. Like this padlock ashtray designed in 1950. This article by Commune shows a comprehensive image series of their work.


Squiggle Massagers

These squiggle combs are handmade from Redwood in Taiwan. Sourced by Juliana of The Wax Apple, we were so excited to discover these tools for relaxation, relief & joy.



SPECTRA Poets is a print publication and online collective of perspectives stretching language into and beyond a catalog of edges. Most of contributors have autism and use written word to express what they cannot say. We each/all land somewhere along a variety of cultural and psychological spectra, but we share even more. SPECTRA publishes poetry that connects, poetry that can be felt, poetry that unveils truths about earthly existence, and poetry as art.


Pois é

Founded by Lourença Alencar and Kate Caruso, pois é is a publishing entity and endeavour, considering the nuances of poetry and theory. Communicating ideas on art, politics, criticism, and literature in alternative form, pois é reflects on illustrative format and questions guidance via genre; parsing through translations of language as well as between the written and spoken word.


___Less is a public space to express grief collectively. They share letters addressed to the person(s) lost. The idea is to find your voice in grief and to share your story. In the individual experiences with death, we are often at a loss for the language to connect.


Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka's music is haunting & beautiful & moving. This song balances out the music list this month. Evocative & sort of cinematic, this is a smooth song to share with a lover or your best friend who appreciates good music.


Released late last year this SZA release is good as always. Her music is for every mood, everyday. I Hate U is an anthem, everyone can relate in one way or another.


Nathy Peluso

Nathy Peluso is one of our favorite capricorns. Born in Argentina and raised in Spain, her music has a range. There are moments of rapping, pop & dance. This recent release became a fast favorite. This is a jam for 2022.