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New Moon = November 4th | Full Moon = November 19th

This month we are focusing on continuity. We think of this as the time for self-consistency. A potent time for vigilance in practices. There is much feasting during Fall & as Winter approaches we bear the fruits of labor & harvest. As an exercise, when you feel triggered this month use it as an opportunity to reconnect inside.


‘The whole place feels wrong’: voices from across America on what the climate crisis stole

'What is it to be well in sick times?' is a short essay by Mekdela Maskal featured in The Guardian. In a few insightful paragraphs Mekdela shares how intimate & personal climate change actually is. She thoughtfully acknowledges, "I understand that the “change” in climate change includes us as humans. There isn't necessarily going to be an “end” to this crisis, but many ends, and many beginnings."

ON&ON Holiday Gift Guide

The ON&ON Holiday Gift Guide is what's up. These are gifts you would never expect & yet you will probably want to gift to someone you love. Check it out here & don't forget to change the rules: Give yourself what you need before giving to others.


For Chef Sophia Roe, Food Is Inherently Political

This conversation with food advocate & chef Sophia Roe in Cultured Mag is one worth revisiting. Published the day before Thanksgiving in 2020, Sophia shares a lot of important information in a short interview. The one part that stayed with us the most is what she says in the last sentence. Read the article & let us know if you agree.


Unbroken Ground: A New Old Way to Grow Food

Unbroken Ground: A New Old Way to Grow Food is a film produced by Patagonia. The link will take you to an article that takes 6 minutes to read & when you scroll down you will see the 25 minute film there. Watch & share with others.


Fresh Flour Resources

Fresh Flour Resources. Use this as your guide to accessing a regional map of the whole grain chain from farms, to advocates, to mills. There are also other resources that will lead you to mills fueling a revolution in grains around the world. Click around to find recipes & lots more.

Heritage Radio Network

Heritage Radio Network is the world's pioneer food radio station. Their shows cover many topics around food, community, activism, comedy & more. We really love the show titled, Cereal.


Nils Udo

Nils Udo's art practice is nature based & it's captivating. There is a feeling of continuity across his practice yet he is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce's exhibition at Salon 94 looked incredible. These photos will have to do since we couldn't make it in person. So inspiring, so fun & so full of joy. As Gaetano remarks, “Today objects are no longer minimalist and thoughtless, they are works that express the diversity of the world and its different values. Perhaps we are facing a great revolution where even contemporary art will have to deal with the urgent need for the 'unique' and the different.”


Spiral Spore

Spiral Spore is quickly becoming our favorite instagram account to follow. The account is exclusively dedicated to spiral themed content which is one of our all time favorite motifs.