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New Moon = December 4th | Full Moon = December 8th

The theme this month is reflection. The better we do in winter, the better we do the rest of the year. Both seeds and animals hibernate and go dormant. All beings are called to this time of reflection & turning inward. As we near 2022, ask yourself: What is the aquarian age about? What does expanded consciousness mean to you? We believe this moment in time is a sign of evolution. A time of expanded consciousness. A time for collaboration & connection with like minded folks. Enjoy this months list which features our favorite inspirations from 2021. Also known as ON&ON's greatest hits 2021.

Community Conversation

Alison Chuang

We love & appreciate Alison's voice because it is so authentically her own. Reading her writing is like having a conversation with her. We especially love her response to this question: What do you love about yourself? "I love that I think things are funny even when they’re not. I love that I get to live out my best life in my underwear. Like, all day long."

Dominique Butler

Space science communicator, Dominique Butler, is a down to earth superstar. Reading through her interview, her response to this question is a favorite. For the full quote, read her interview! How do you balance looking upward and staying grounded? "In all honesty, looking upward is what grounds me. Space helps me make sense of life here on Earth in a way that grounds me because it’s a reminder that everything is as vast as the expanding Universe, and as tiny as an atom."


Monet Cheung

Monet is a wonder of a woman. Her interview is accompanied by a 13 hour playlist & beautiful photos during a sit with tea. Her truths are true, she speaks & acts with great care. When we asked her what her superpower was, this was her response: "I think anyone’s superpower is taking part in this human experience." & honestly, we couldn't agree more.

Monthly List

January Monthly List

We started 2021 so strong with this list. Looking back at it like woah those are some deep cuts! Music, resources & articles that are mind blowing. Enjoy & you are welcome.


Habibi Collective

July 2021's list featured staples like Habibi Collective, Black Sand Surf & the most insane binge worth podcast about The Hollywood Con Queen.

April Monthly List

In all honesty, April 2021's monthly list is shorter (there are only two categories) than usual but it's all good. The resources & artists we featured are incredible. Pay attention to Bread on Earth & Nik Gelormino's handcrafts.


Scalp Comb Squiggle Massager

Adding these handmade tools sourced in Taiwan by the Wax Apple was a good call. Not only did we sell out of the eyebrow massage tool 4 times, we added the squiggle comb & palm massager too. This is a company we are grateful to be in collaboration with.

Halcyon Botani Serum

The Halcyon Botanic serum turned into a fast staple in my morning & evening skincare rituals this year. The formula is lightweight & still delivers hydration to my skin cells in a way that doens't break me out. I am not quick to recommend oils & this is one I tell all of my friends to get.


Cleban Daughters Nocturne Tincture

Cleban Daughters Nocturne Tincture is another on hand pantry staple. A constant companion over the last year. Great for moments of anxiety, racing thoughts or rough nights of sleep. We love the sister duo behind the formulas & brand. They have a rich history & family lineage connecting them to the plant world.