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New Moon = October 6th | Full Moon = October 20th

As the first few weeks of Fall settle in, we are now preparing for winter & the upcoming holidays. The month is bookended by Halloween aka Samhain in the Celtic culture. Samhain offers an opportunity to be in awe of the shorter days & to welcome the darkness. October 31st is a great day to (safely) have a bonfire or light candles. Feel the warmth of the fire, see the light of the flame in the dark of night. This is a time of harvest & gratitude for all that we grow & cultivate. In preparation for winter there is also an opportunity to slow down & reflect. October is a good time to be assessing what it is you want to learn. Here on Kaua'i we feel the seasonal shift in the swell. Soon there will be a lot more energy moving in the ocean. Change is constant yet it feels so potent this month.


For Your Guest Room

Affordable framed artwork created by Max Moinian. They offer custom orders, send them a photo of your blank wall & they will mock something up for you. This is a rad concept for anyone looking to live with art & not sure where to start. October is about change, maybe you need to change up your walls?

Future Earth

Future Earth is a COMMUNITY AND ONLINE PLATFORM THAT SEEKS TO INSPIRE MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT WITH THE CLIMATE CRISIS THROUGH EDUCATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA. The three women behind the brand are incredible & their generosity shines on through the compiled lists of resources, books & other materials they offer for free on their website. Future Earth is totally a resource to bookmark. Yes for the environmental activism & also for the conversations they share around the psychology of climate change, inaction & other challenging, worthy discussions.


A Comprehensive Guide to the Lung Meridian

Dr. Lauren Renee Dyer generously offers a guide for exploring a conscious guide to the lung meridian. She writes, "As we attune to autumn and the waning daylight, we will begin by exploring the Lung Meridian whose symbolic connection to this season can guide us to a deeper understanding of its unique properties and mind-body connection." This is an excellent dive into the world of East Asian medicine & your Qi (pronounced chee) aka your life force, energy, aliveness.


Lelet NY

Sculptural, chic & expensive hair accessories that you don't need yet likely want. Especially with Halloween coming up maybe one of these hair jewels will complete your look & then you can wear it again after the costumes come off. The website is fun to browse through to check out different braids, updo's & hairstyles.



Marni's Spring 2022 Ready to Wear collection is a stand out. Lots of stripes on the runway (the guests who were styled by Marni were styled in stripes too), wonky flowers, angular cut outs & nods to an era of 90's punk that maybe never actually existed? The show itself was immersive, the attendees were arranged into the program of the show. This NYT article linked here provides a glimpse into the intention of & experience with the show.

Vogue Poland features Andie MacDowell

Vogue Poland features Andie MacDowell looking incredible, expressive & gorgeous for their October 2021 cover. She has sunshine in her skin, she looks so alive. Those boots! That expertly tailored suit! Her movement! It is all so genius & wait until you see the cover image. I will be on the search for the full spread...does anyone have a subscription to Vogue Poland?




Criminal Broads

Only one podcast highlighted this month & that's because it's that great. Tori Telfer is the host of the podcast & she quickly became one of my favorite storytellers that I listen to. I went through all 74 episodes in 10 days. These stories are important & fascinating. It's part entertainment, part education. By listening to this series I started to question my beliefs around violence, particularly women who are violent. I found myself dreaming of solutions for our flawed incarceration system. I found parts of myself in some of these women & I am taking the chance that you will too.


Paradise Club Venice

Paradise Club Venice is a woman founded cannabis + cbd brand we recently discovered. Their pre-rolls are super fresh & each flavor tastes so good. In August they threw the best outdoor block party in Venice across from their other brand, a coffee shop named Little Lunch. It was the party of the summer & their pre-rolls & gummies keep the summer time vibe alive.


Rose Los Angeles

Rose Los Angeles creates small batch CBD & THC gummies & other edible provisions. Their packaging is original & chic. More importantly their ingredient integrity & formuals are top of the line. These boxes of edible goodness will not disappoint. These make for a fun party favor or house warming gift for the herbal friendly friends.


Stevie is the child of fashion influencer, Courtney Trop aka @alwaysjudging. Named after the iconic Stevie Nicks, their CBD pre-rolls, hand blown glass ashtrays & tinctures are elegant & well-crafted. The CBD is rolled fresh weekly, Courney doesn't compromise on quality. They also did a limited edition sweatshirt & pant collaboration with Collina Strada. Bridging cannabis & fashion will likely be part of Courtney's legacy. Get up to something with Stevie.