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JULY 2021

New Moon = July 9th | Full Moon = July 23rd

Independence is subjective. This month we explore ways we remain free & ways we remain tied up emotionally, mentally & physically. Here we highlight those who we feel are changing the game when it comes to freedom & independence. One of our former Hanalei employees, Tre'lan, co-created Black Sand Surf to make surfing more inclusive, we love everything they are about! This month we focus on community, podcasts & artists. Enjoy :)


Black Sand Surf

Black Sand believes that the ocean is for everybody. They believe that “surf culture” is ready for a renaissance of inclusivity, peace, and accountability amongst the humans sharing the ocean. Black Sand is their vision of the diversified future of surf.

Experimental Farm Network

Experimental Farm Network operates as a co-op. They believe in agriculture as a way to heal & unite for a better world. They use traditional methods for their organic seeds & every purchase helps put the brakes on neoliberal capitalist exploitation of the planet and its inhabitants.


Habibi Collective

Habibi Collective is an open resource, digital archive and movement for women's filmmaking from South-West Asia and North Africa. They have a streaming service as well called Shasha Movies.

Shasha Movies

Shasha Movies is an independent streaming service for South-West Asian & North African cinema.



Hollywood Con Queen is a winding, engaging story with an unbelievable twist. Listen to season 1 of Chameleon anywhere you listen to podcasts

Exit Scam

Exit Scam chronicles the story of Canadian crypto Baron Gerald Cotton & his mysterious life & supposed death


The Opportunist

The Opportunist tells true stories of regular people who turn sinister by embracing opportunity. How does an everyday person turn into a thief, a scammer or a cult leader? Perhaps the most dangerous person is the one who appears the most normal.


Zoe Blue

Zoe Blue is a painter, check out her work!


Kristy Luck

Kristy Luck is a painter, check out her work!

Andie Dinkin

Andie Dinkin is a freelance artist, painter & she also draws, check out her work!