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founder's philosophies

longtime kaua’i resident, los angeles native and world traveler, melissa has been researching, sourcing, learning and cataloging the most effective products, treatments and guest experiences.

melissa guides all aspects of on & on's development and growth and shapes her vision to cultivate a design driven, emotionally intelligent, experiential space that heralds the future of retail.

inspired by the korean and japanese daily bathhouse cultures and its revitalizing, centering effects, melissa envisions on & on as a modern culture focused on well-being with the benefits resulting in enhanced health and beauty, similar to the effects of regular exercising.

for the last 30 years melissa has engaged with doctors who are educated in nutrition, acupuncture, chinese medicine, supplements and both progressive and ancient ideas in regard to wellness. melissa's experiences and studies guided her interest in how best to live seasonally with vitality.

melissa now brings many of these practices to the rest of the world and helps others self-define rather than succumb to society's narrow standards of beauty and desirability. melissa created on & on to shift the experience of well-being to one that nourishes the soul, is widely available, deeply satisfies and is attainable.

celebrate questions, challenge social conventions and encourage the interdisciplinary nature of creativity -- these are the principles chelsea guides with.

through a practice of creative direction, chelsea is the visual liaison who naturally oversees operations and is instrumental in development and brand strategy.

her approach to building a dynamic company culture reflects the understanding that self-care and awareness are fundamental to modern humanity.

stewarding the frontier of accessible, contemporary well-being is the culmination of chelsea's experiences healing her body after recovering from cancer as a young adult. undefined by this moment yet informed, chelsea sought to nourish herself in new, profound ways. after much research, experimentation and learning the term, 'gourmet bathing', chelsea referenced her experiences working in luxury retail, fashion, music and art to support the vision and creation of on & on.

chelsea's curiosity in beauty is rooted in her study and practices of art.

questioning the meaning of the body, in relation to space, informs her sculpture practice as much as it informs her vision for on & on.

vitality for all, vitality as freedom is chelsea's daily goal.